Blue Equals a Caribbean Destination

Traveling is a great way to spend a summer or two. I would love to travel to Ireland, England, France, and Holland someday. I loved it when I decided to get a passport so that I could travel all over the world. In fact, I might go to Japan soon in order to teach conversational English to students. In addition, I would love to visit the Caribbean because I like all types of water such as oceans and seas. I also love all shades of the color blue and all shades of the color blue remind me of the Caribbean. I don’t known what is the best Caribbean destination because I have never traveled to the Caribbean. However, I know that the Caribbean is beautiful because I have seen pictures of it. It has beautiful clear and sparkling blue water and white sandy beaches. I wonder if the Caribbean is like California where the average daily temperature is seventy degrees. Warm weather is fun and I love to swim so I think that I would love visiting the Caribbean even though I don’t know either the best Caribbean destination or the top Caribbean destination. Traveling is a favorite past time of many people. I happen to love to travel. I happened to purchase a passport in order to travel all over the world especially to Europe and to the Caribbean. I have seen pictures of it at travel agencies and on television and in movies. However, the Caribbean has to look better in person. The Caribbean seems so blue, calming, and relaxing that I can see why it is a favorite travel destination of many people, including celebrities like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardener. In fact, they had their wedding in the Caribbean. Their top secret and intimate wedding took place on the island of Parrot Cay. Therefore, Parrot Cay seems to be the perfect Caribbean travel destination and the perfect Caribbean vacation destination. In addition, since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Affleck got married in the Caribbean, it could also be considered the perfect destination wedding Caribbean. It is the location of people’s dreams for their fantasy wedding. Therefore, it is essential to be creative and dream like when you have a Caribbean destination planning wedding. So think about a Caribbean destination in wedding photos that are taken at your friends’ and relatives’ weddings. This is because your Caribbean wedding day will be here sooner than you think. Blue is a great color because it represents calm, cool, and relaxing Blue is also the color of pools, oceans, rivers, and some waterfalls. Water is meant to be calm, cool, and refreshing. If the Caribbean doesn’t convey the calmness and coolness of the color blue with its ocean, I don’t know what travel destination does that. In fact, the blue of the Caribbean is so calming, relaxing, and beautiful that there is a new age song called Caribbean Blue. There is much water in the Caribbean so that there is definitely a Caribbean destination spa. In order to know all of the great destinations that the Caribbean has to offer, please pick up a Caribbean destination guide; that way you and your spouse can experience an exotic Caribbean honeymoon destination of your very own. In fact, if you guys love to sail the deep blue then, Parrot Cay could become your favorite Caribbean sailing vacation destination.

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