Destination Asia Travel is great

Most people travel for either business or travel from time to time. In fact, most people travel for both business and travel from time to time. Traveling can and often is both fun and exhausting. I traveled to Chicago recently for a family reunion of sorts and soon I will hopefully travel to Baltimore Maryland for business. If there are flight delays, traveling can be maddening but traveling all over the United States and around the world can be and it often is a great educational experience. I have never traveled internationally but I wish to visit different parts of both Europe and Asia. I have heard that a destination Asia travel is great. Our family has hosted many Japanese exchange students over the years. Therefore, if I wanted to book a destination Asia travel, I would love to visit Japan. In addition, if I booked a destination Asia travel then, my luggage might read destination Asia. Did you know that there are many countries that comprise the continent of Asia? I think that both Japan and China are the biggest and richest countries on the continent of Asia. I think that many people would like to travel to Asia for either business or pleasure but traveling to Asia is very expensive. Did you know that Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent? Asia covers 8.6 percent of the Earth’s total surface area or 29.4 percent of its land area. Asia also contains more than sixty percent of the world’s current human population. Asia is also bounded to the east by the Pacific Ocean, to the South by the Indian Ocean, and to the north by the Artic Ocean. Given its size and its diversity, Asia, this is a toponym that dates back to classical antiquity is more of a cultural concept incorporating a number of regions and peoples than a homogenous physical entity. There are many beautiful and educationally rich countries in Asia. Therefore, the continent of Asia would make a wonderful destination for a vacation and honeymoon. In fact, my cousins went to Taiwan on their honeymoon and they enjoyed visiting Taiwan. Therefore, I think that destination Asia and destination Asia travel was great for them. I have also heard that either Japan or China is the perfect Asia destination in romantic travel. I bet Japan is romantic because it is called land of the rising sun and any sunset, no matter what country it is in can be and often is romantic. Plus, any country where people can eat lots of rice has to be romantic because couples can feed each other rice and fish with chopsticks. Japan also has much water to travel on and over. And Japan flag is white and red. The red portion of the Japanese flag represents the sun as in the land of the rising sun. In addition, the capital of Japan is Tokyo. Here is an interesting tidbit for people who ice skating. This year’s World Figure Skating championships will be held in Tokyo Japan and a few of the top ladies ice skaters are Japanese; in there have been two Japanese world champion figure skaters. One was Yuka Sato and the other one was Shazuka Arugkara. Therefore, if you like traveling and ice skating then, destination Asia travel would be great for you. Ice skating is also romantic because it combines athletics with ballet so Japan is also the Asia destination in romantic travel. Make sure your travel plans call for destination Asia soon.

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