Disney destination

For all the little princes and princesses in the world, a travel to Disney world is a dream come true! Destination Disney, L.L.C. is the ideal place to celebrate anything, or nothing at all. A special anniversary, birthday, or just because, a Disney destination is sure to leave everyone excited and eager to arrive! A Disney world destination has so much to offer for any age group. For the little ones, the magic and amazement of meeting the characters you see on the big screen is amazing! The water parks and indoor ampi theatres and 3-D movie screens showing real live action flicks that put you in a seat that makes you feel like you’re right there IN the movie satisfies the tweens and teenagers in the family. And for mom and dad, the magical nights at a Disney vacation club destination including spas and massages are just the ticket! Take some time to investigate what it would cost to take your crew to the wonderful world of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and all the others we’ve watched on television since we were kids ourselves. It will take you back and make you remember when life WAS that easy. Relive your childhood when you meet and greet these characters and watch in amazement as your children echo your sentiments. For a family of four, you can go for seven nights for under $2,000.00. Depending upon travel dates, there are some cheaper flights coming out of major cities and the hotel accommodations can be easily adjusted if you are willing to stay outside the park instead of inside. This may add to the excitement that you get to go back every day…you’ll never want to go back home! Taking not just the kids, but grandparents too can add that special family vacation photo that everyone will remember for years to come. Including grandparents in the trip can offset some of the cost and provide additional “kid watch” while you and your spouse take in some “adult time” at the Disney club worldwide vacation capital of the world! Make sure to take along plenty of cash, clothes and towels. You can have fun in the sun one day and frolic along the sunny sand and surf at either of Disney’s great resorts in California or Florida. The night life is great and the food even better. If you are into local fare, seafood and scallops, lobster, crab and salmon, you’ll be right at home at the Club Disney restaurant. Drink in the atmosphere along with your wine and you’ll wish the night could go on forever and ever. Ask your local travel agent for the best prices, time of year to go and what all you will need to pack. Specifics about children on flights, their seating arrangements and the like can all be secured and save a vacation from being spoiled, or at the very least, starting off on a bad foot. Make sure that you take lots of film, too. This will be a vacation you’ll never forget!

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