How and where to rent a boat in Ibiza?


Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, 100 miles off Spain's coast. If you are going to Ibiza, there are fun activities you can do on the island. Boating comes to mind. It is a way of exploring the island. The question perhaps lingering on your mind is where to get one and which type to hire. 

The link is a boat rental site to visit if you want to rent a boat or rent a yacht. The prices of the yachts and boats are typically offered at discounted prices. It is the best place for a tourist to scour through different boats and at different prices.

We will identify 5 places in Ibiza where you can rent a boat, as well as the steps to rent one below.

5 places to visit

Jim Ibiza Boats- they are based at Marina Botafoch. The boat rental company allows its clients to use their boats at night with no additional costs. In addition to that, you will be provided with everything else you desire for your comfort. They ensure that their boats are safe, comfortable and visually pleasing.

Lanchas Ibiza- the company has boats, water motorcycles and yachts of varying sizes. It is an ideal vacation location because there are other water activities you can enjoy such as snorkelling and jet skiing. Many people hire boats from this rental for bachelor parties, weddings or birthdays.

CharterAlia Boat Hire Ibiza- you can hire speed boats, catamarans, sailing boats and yachts. Boat users can enjoy a wonderful view of the sunset. If you hire a boat, you will be allowed to go from Ibiza to Formentera. The maximum length of time you can hire a boat is a week.

Charters Eleven Catamaran Hire Ibiza- in addition to enjoying the catamaran ride, you will get a chance to explore coves and beaches around the island. Such a ride is eight hours long. However, you can still hire one for a day or a week.

Daydream Boats Ibiza- in some boat rentals, you will be asked for your license before hiring a boat. In this company, however, you will be provided with a boat whether or not you own a boat license. Their boats are made in such a way a layman can operate them.

How to rent a boat in Ibiza

If you are in Ibiza, you may be very eager to rent a boat especially if you are a tourist. Going door to door looking for a boat can be an option, but there is an easier way of getting a boat. Here are some steps to undertake to rent a boat in Ibiza:


• Identify any of the 5 places you want to visit.
• Each boating company has a website. Simply, key in the name of the company using a search engine. The website will likely be placed on the first page of your search results.
• Once you identify the rental you want, click on their website.
• You will then need to navigate to a section that allows you to select the option of hiring a boat.
• A form will then be generated for you to fill. You will be asked to fill in your contact details, the date you intend to hire one and the amount you intend to spend renting one.
• Once the form is filled, you will be contacted.
• Before hiring one, ensure it is registered. It is Ibiza's regulation policy that boats or yachts that are hired should be registered.

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