Let’s go to Destination Mexico

Traveling is very fun. When people travel they get away from the hustle and the bustle of everyday life. Some people like to travel to exotic places such as Japan, Hong Kong, Ireland, Holland, or Mexico. I live in San Diego California where people can go to eat at fantastic Mexican restaurants. This is because California is very close to Mexico so Mexican food chefs get their cooking inspiration from traveling to Mexico from time to time. In addition, Mexican food chefs could get their cooking inspiration from taking Mexican cuisine cooking classes in cooking school. If you wish to experience great Mexican food, Mexican pottery, and Mexican art then, make sure that you plan a vacation that includes a Mexico destination. A vacation that includes a Mexico destination isn’t hard to achieve especially if you live in California. The Mexican boarder is about forty five minutes to an hour from San Diego. I go traveling on a Mexican destination at least once a year because I can get some great deals when I shop. But, be careful of the food and water when traveling in Mexico. Only eat food that is in restaurants and only drink bottled water or your Mexico destination will include a trip to a Mexican hospital because you will be very sick. Mexico is a very beautiful country and I love visiting Mexico because I can practice speaking Spanish to many people who live and work in Mexico. I love that I am fluent in Spanish and the shopkeepers appreciate that I can communicate with them in Spanish. Even though I have traveled to Mexico many times I have never been at a destination wedding that took place in Mexico. But I have viewed a destination wedding in Mexico while walking through a courtyard in Mexico. Did you know that do many people have honeymooned in Mexico that Mexico has now been nicknamed honeymoon destination Mexico? That last statement probably isn’t true but it is true that Acapulco is a top Mexico destination. This is because Acapulco is a very educational, historical, and beautiful city. Acapulco is also a beautiful Mexico vacation destination. The last time I was in Mexico I went on a Mexico vacation destination with my mother, cousin, and aunt to Acapulco Mexico. We ate delicious cheese enchiladas at an authentic Mexican restaurant. We even had a piece of Mexican wedding cake because a couple who was just married was celebrating at that restaurant. While I was eating my piece of chocolate Mexican wedding cake, I wondered if Mexico had become a destination wedding Mexico for the couple who just got married. But we did hear that Mexico does turn into a destination wedding Mexico for many happy brides and grooms. We also did some great bargain jewelry shopping in Mexico and we met a couple who lived and worked in Mexico City. Mexico City is also a Mexico travel destination. Mexico City is also a destination in Mexico that is famous for its cultural center and its art museums. We also visited a very relaxing spa in Mexico where we sat in a whirlpool that was filled with sea salts. I loved my Mexico spa experience. Since there are wonderful and relaxing spas in Mexico, Mexico could be labeled destination spa Mexico. Ole!

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