Rent a car during your holiday in the UK

Rent a car

Do you plan to travel to the UK? Comfort, affordability and having a lot of fun is what defines drivy UK. This service allows you to rent car from owner. When travelling abroad, there is a lot to consider in regards to various destinations one wants to visit. Renting a car on will ensure you're able to achieve the holiday feel that is so desired. It is necessary to study the area of the visit to gain the right knowledge of private car rental services.

Certain things to consider when choosing a rental car service:

  • Pickup Point

It should be made clear from the agreement whether the services start from the airport site, which is the most convenient, or off-site. As much as off-airport private car rental in the UK are affordable, it is challenging to move with children and luggage to the off-airport pickup point.

  • Petrol Policy

It is vital to consider the petrol policy when you rent a car during your holiday in the Uk. Whether the petrol policy is "full-to-empty" or "full-to-full", the determinant is the duration of the private car hire, and the distance one will cover during the holiday period. Also, some P2P car rentals offer a refund policy which sounds convenient, especially for short distance travels.

  • Extra Driver

Do you need to hire a driver? If the holiday destination is unfamiliar to you, it is vital to get a driver. However, the cost increases sharply depending on the private car rental firm. If the extra driver charges affect the total bill drastically, opting to drive around personally will lower the overall cost.

  • Child Car Seats

Try to find out if there is an extra cost for a child’s car seat if you require a private car rental in the UK or a rental car from the owner. Being wary of carrying your car seats is necessary. Some private car hire firms charge a lot of money for not booking the car seats. The car capacity will help to cater for a comfortable holiday.

Advantages of Peer to Peer Car Rental in the UK

  • Freedom

The freedom of movement is what every tourist desire, hence it is essential to rent a car during your holiday in the UK. It ensures that you can enjoy the holiday not worrying about the weather and schedules to follow. With a good bargain, one can save money on the taxi charges.

  • Comfort

Nothing is better than a P2P car rental in the UK. The convenience of using a rental car goes a long way since it gets to all destinations. For instance, you will be able to visit remote places and restaurants that buses and taxis are unable to access.

  • Affordable

To rent a car during your holiday in the UK is much cheaper than using a personal vehicle for residents since you don't have to pay for mechanical or tire checks. Insurance most of the time is all inclusive, and since there is competitiveness, there is a range of cars to choose. This makes the pricing affordable.


There are many ways of renting a car during your holiday in the UK. For instance, you can use car sharing services. Taxis and long-distance buses are also convenient, but they are not as reasonable as private car rental services. The freedom is limited when travelling with children. They also have a specific schedule to be followed. Therefore, renting a car to self-drive is a win-win for a memorable holiday.

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