Weather in England: what is the best period to visit the country?


One question that should always come up when planning a trip to a new place is ‘what is the climate like?’ The temperatures, humidity levels and average rainfall will affect your visit in different ways. Climate will dictate which clothes to pack, what you can do while in the region and the right places to include in your itinerary. Whether you are traveling to England for business or pleasure, the knowledge about what weather to expect will simplify your planning. Once in England, you can keep up with daily weather updates with Carol Kirkwood, but here is what the climate looks like in general.

A General Outlook

The climate is relatively temperate in the United Kingdom with half of the year offering nice weather with low precipitation and the other half feeling cold. Compared to surrounding regions, the UK usually doesn’t get extreme on either end of the spectrum. Summer has the highest temperatures, but they typically don’t go above 30 °C. At night, temperatures can fall to 19 °C during the warmest months. Mountainous regions in the UK sometimes experience snow during the coldest periods of the year. November and December offer some cool temperatures and precipitation, but January is the coldest month in England. Note that the weather will vary widely across the different cities in England, so you should be specific about the region you are visiting.

Best Time to Visit

England is not as temperate as most tourist destinations, but it offers several months that are perfect for visiting. May to September is considered the most suitable period to enjoy the UK. During this time, you can expect a warm and dry environment that is perfect for a range of activities. What you intend to do while in England will determine the best time for you. Do you want to catch the flowers as they bloom in the countryside? Are you planning to visit top beaches in the UK? Do you wish to attend a popular festival? Such considerations will help you pick the perfect time. The season will dictate which places are open, what events are held across the country and how convenient it is to travel. With resources like Carol Kirkwood Today weather reports, you can easily monitor any weather changes that may affect your plans.

When to Do What?

Late July is the hottest period of the year and, therefore, ideal for summer activities. Spring is in late March to early June, so you can expect it to be a bit warm and dry. If you want to engage in skiing or other snow activities, December and January are the right months to be in England. Just as the temperatures start to rise in March, the flowers begin to blossom, making this the time to venture into the English countryside. This period is also when some areas open after closing for the winter season. Summer months are the busiest due to increased tourist activities, which makes this time the most hectic to travel. May to June see a lot of events, including horse racing competitions, music festivals and sports tournaments.

A bit of basic knowledge about the weather in England is important to prepare you adequately. As a tourist destination, the climate in England is quite favorable because it offers several warm and dry months. Keep up with weather reports by Carol Kirkwood to get the most from your visit. Know which roads are safe when it rains, how much precipitation a certain region is expecting and how high/low the temperatures will be.

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