Why should you enter the green card lottery to go to the USA ?

green card lottery

The United States is a dream destination and a land of opportunities for many people across the world. Individuals from different parts of the universe come to this great country to fulfil their life dreams since they believe it is the right place to study and live. According the the US immigration statistics, the United States government provides the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program each year to offer a visa to more than 50, 000 individuals from eligible states This visa allows all successful participants to study, work or reside permanently in the country. The United States Government wants to increase the diversity of the immigrants entering the country. To know more about the US immigration statstics concerning the green card lottery, click here. Thus, the current Immigration Department organises the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program commonly known as the USA Green Card Visa Lottery. After getting your card, you will be entitled to various benefits, which include working and residing permanently in the United States. Here are the main reasons why you should enter the lottery program to go to the USA.

It Is Free to Apply

Individuals planning to move or relocate to the United States should participate in the program for free since there is no registration fee to take part in the program. This means that you will not pay anyone or any organisation to participate in this program. You can try your luck for free. Any individual who was not born in a state that currently has a high number of United States emigrants can apply.

Most states, however, are ready to participate and the countries that are able to apply can change from one year to the other. All participants in the USA green card program must meet all the requirements for their application to be successful. One of the main requirements is having a high school diploma, degree or the equivalent. If you cannot meet this requirement, then you can qualify with a profession that needs two years of training.

Also, if you have any questions, it is advisable to contact the United States Immigration authorities for free. If you win this lottery, you will automatically get a visa for your spouse. Married individuals who are applying for the program can submit two separate applications and increase their chances of winning.

You Can List Your Children on Your Green Card

After winning, all participants have the opportunity to list all their kids on their lottery entry. However, if your child is 18 years and above and is either a high school, college or university graduate, you can help them file a separate entity for the lottery. Though this will not help you, it will increase your child's chances of getting the card. If you win and become qualified to get a visa to the US your kids and spouse will also be issued visas.

Whether the applicants will be coming with their entire family or not, they must include all of them on the application. Another option for the lucky winners is not to bring their family members straightaway but wait for the family in the country for a while. The main reason for this would be for the winners to establish themselves first so that when other family members join, the transition may be smoother.

Also, immigrants will have to file for sponsorship for all their respective family members from the U.S.A. For the more immediate members of the family such as the dependent children or spouses, there is little no wait for a visa. But for more distant relatives like the parents or siblings, the waiting times may sometimes become long.

Provides a Wide Range of Benefits

Through the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits as a cardholder. You will qualify for the United States Government-sponsored financial aid for your educational purposes. Colleges and universities accept less tuition fee, which is also known as the resident tuition or the in-state tuition.

Savings is essential as in most cases since they pay three times lower than other immigrants or foreigners. Apart from these benefits, you can be employed in any company located in the United States territory regardless of the job function and hours. There are also certain jobs in the country that require security clearance and only the US citizens and the green card holders can get them. This means there are a lot of job opportunities of all winners.

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