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flats to rent in Brighton

Life in Brighton is never dull. The fact that it is a popular seaside destination means that visitors and residents always have something to do during their free times. The city has a full social calendar to help it mark important occasions and a sunshine-filled summer that is easily complemented by its sandy beaches. It is the main reason why it always ranks high in term of quality and happiness at surveys in the UK. If you are looking to rent Brighton, read the following tips from the professionals at on how to go about your search.

Types of Properties- Brighton flats to rent

Brighton is an ideal place to reside for people of all ages. As a matter of fact, many international investors are increasingly looking for Brighton rent houses to make it easier for them to access the world-renowned colleges and universities in the area. The type of property to rent is an essential factor to consider. Here, you need to consider the management and maintenance of the property. Modern buildings are often easier to maintain and update compared to properties that have been around for decades. However, these same buildings may lack the charm associated with Brighton period buildings. When looking to rent in Brighton you ought to note that the property market in this city is truly diversified. The market is characterized by gentrified white properties lying by the coastline, and a colorful mix of architectural styles favored by the younger generation. Renters have many options to choose from in this particular market. If you find the going becoming tough, consider seeking professional advice.

Understand the Prevailing Market

A Centre for Cities report released in early 2019 indicated that Brighton is a city that mainly consists of renters. The flat to rent Brighton ranked number 3 out of all the 63 UK towns and cities considered when compiling the report. Brighton possesses all the attributes associated with a property hotspot, but the reality is that its housing stock easily gets depleted. This is something that has often been associated with the high yields associated with renting a house in the city. For you to find real success in the flat to rent in Brighton search, you will have no option but to seek real insight into local market activities. One thing to note is that the local property market is always buzzing with an inflow of prospective landlords This occurs every year in April due to the upcoming buy to let stamp duty charges that must be filed in that month. When this particular surcharge arrives, there is often a notable reduction in the total number of prospective landlords looking to purchase properties. As a result, it becomes easier for one to buy a house that they can, later on, lease out to prospective tenants. Another important thing to note is that whenever there is an increase in the prevailing rates, the market experiences a reduction in the number of mortgages being provided. It is a scenario that often ends up pricing many would be landlords out of the property’s market. What this means is that if you are looking for a house to lease, or buy to let, you need to start gathering funds in advance. This will give you an upper hand once the two measures come into effect.

Renting Locations

Families and college students have very many options when looking to rent. Renting in Brighton may become easier in the next four years due to the high number of ongoing developments. Once complete, it is expected that the local renting market will continue to undergo further growth. Beachfront properties in areas such as Palmeira Square, Sussex Square, and Brunswick Square, will continue to become even more popular. These are areas where you are likely to find high-end properties for lease. If you want to find the apartments with the best facilities, ensure that you map out the location of the best neighborhoods, college buildings, and local universities.

Apartments for Rent for Students

How do you find the Brighton apartments for rent ideal for college and university students? One thing to note is that the best student areas are those located close to attractive drinking and eating places, unique shopping zones, and close to transportation links. What is located close to you is often as significant as the next street. Factors to consider will include the surrounding views, local amenities available, and whether the area is clean and quiet. However, note that a property that meets all these checks will often be quite expensive to lease.

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